by Stuart Briscoe

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NOTE: This sermon is part 5 and 6 of a 6 part sermon series. Two sermons outlines are included in this download.


Part 5: With a Hopeless Case
Series: Face to Face
Stuart Briscoe
John 5:1-15

Hillary Rodham Clinton recently gave a speech about our culture in which she talked about, among other things, "sleeping sickness of the soul…a sense…that we lack at some core level, meaning in our individual lives and meaning collectively…cities that are filled with hopeless girls with babies and angry boys with guns…alienation, despair and loneliness…a crisis of meaning." This sounds like a situation Jesus met one day, at a place called Bethesda.

I. A Sad Situation.

A. Festival time in Jerusalem. v. 1
1. A time for rejoicing, singing, dancing, processions. (*ISBE)

2. A sense of isolation for the inhabitants of Bethesda.

B. Heartache time at Bethesda. vv. 2 5

II. A Significant Action.

A. The incidence of "signs." 2:11; 4:54
1. Miracles.

2. Wonders.

3. Signs.

B. The significance of "signs."
1. They point to something other than themselves.

2. They are parables through which God's glory is revealed.


Part 6: With a Bright Prospect
Series: Face to Face
Stuart Briscoe
John 9:1-41

Christ said He was "the light of the world" and proved it to a blind man who became a bright prospect. But Chrysostom talked about "men with sore eyes (who) find the light painful, while the darkness, which permits them to see nothing is restful and agreeable" (11th Discourse).

I. Blindness. vv. 1 5

A. The response of the disciples. vv. 1-2
1. Was sin the cause?

2. Who was responsible?
a. His parents? Exodus 34:7

b. Himself? (Note: "born blind.") Genesis 25:22 26

B. The response of Jesus. vv. 3 5
1. Culpability is not the issue. v. 3

2. Responsibility is not the issue.

3. Opportunity is the issue. vv. 4-5
a. An opportunity for God to work.

b. An opportunity for us to work. (Note: "We.")

c. An opportunity for the "light of the world" to shine.
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