by Stuart Briscoe

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NOTE: This sermon is part 1 and 2 of a 12 part sermon series. Two sermons outlines are included in this download.


Part 1: The Day of the Lord
Series: Taking God Seriously
Stuart Briscoe

We know very little about Joel (Yahweh is God) and cannot be certain about the timing of his ministry. But his message comes across loud and clear.

I. Joel Interprets the Contemporary Situation. 1:1-20

A. There has been a natural disaster. 1:1-4
1. Four devastating swarms of locusts.

2. Drought affecting all aspects of life.

B. This situation is a national disaster.
1. Everything has been affected.

C. There is link between disaster and divine activity. 1:15
1. The Day of the Lord is near.

2. The Word of the Lord must be listened to. 1:1

D. The people of God must recognize what is happening.
1. The God of justice must punish sin. 1:13-14

2. This applies to God's people as well as others.


Part 2: The Kindness of God
Series: Taking God Seriously
Stuart Briscoe

G. Campbell Morgan said, "Men have been looking so hard at the great fish, that they have failed to see the great God." We must take great care to avoid that mistake.

I. God's Kindness Shown in His Dealings with Jonah. 1:1-17

A. God's call to Jonah.
1. Shows His kindness to non-covenant people.

2. Shows His concern for corrupt people.

3. Shows His patience by warning people.

4. Shows His involvement by approaching people.

B. God's care for Jonah.
1. He pursues His disobedient prophet.

2. He enlists natural forces.

3. He surrounds Jonah with noble pagans.

4. He provides reminders of Jonah's profession.

5. He sends salvation.
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