by Stuart Briscoe

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NOTE: This sermon is part 3 and 4 of a 12 part sermon series. Two sermons outlines are included in this download.


Part 3: The Kingdom Will Be the Lord's
Series: Taking God Seriously
Stuart Briscoe

Jerome noted that the difficulties presented by Obadiah, the shortest book in the Old Testament, are in inverse proportion to its size. These difficulties notwithstanding, the message of God's authoritative rule in the affairs of men is easy to grasp.

I. Edom's Situation Seen from Judah's Perspective.

A. An Arab coalition is conspiring against Edom.

B. Edom is Judah's eastern neighbor and bitter enemy.

C. God's hand is seen in the political and military developments. cf. Isaiah 45:1; Psalm 76:10

D. As usual God gives advance warning of impending judgment.

II. The Nature of Jehovah's Action Against Edom.

A. Edom will suffer a catastrophic defeat. v. 2

B. There will be total economic deprivation. vv. 5-6

C. Former alliances will be callously broken. v. 7

D. The structures of the society will collapse.


Part 4: What Does the Lord Require of You?
Series: Taking God Seriously
Stuart Briscoe

Micah prophesied over an extended period, so we may safely assume that he addressed many issues confronting his people at a particularly trying time. But he looked beyond his day to bring lasting truth to all generations.

I. A Message from the Lord. 1:1-9

A. The division of the kingdom-Israel and Judah.

B. The centers of the kingdoms-Samaria and Jerusalem.

C. The devastation of Israel and Samaria. vv. 6-7

D. The warning to Judah and Jerusalem. vv. 8-9

E. This is the Lord's reaction to Israel and Judah. vv. 2-5

II. A Dramatic Message to Jerusalem and Judah. 1:10-16

A. Individual statements to key cities.

B. Their fate-Jerusalem's opportunity.

C. A warning of dire circumstances. v. 16
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