by Stuart Briscoe

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NOTE: This sermon is part 5 and 6 of a 12 part sermon series. Two sermons outlines are included in this download.


Part 5: Hearing What God Has to Say
Series: Taking God Seriously
Stuart Briscoe

Amos was deeply affected by what God had to say and he was convinced that his contemporaries should be equally concerned. His direct confrontations with them showed that their attitudes to God's Word were far removed from his.

I. The Significance of Amos' Ministry to Israel.

A. A conviction that God had spoken.
1. The Lord roars from Zion. 1:2

2. This is what the Lord says. 1:3 (8 times)

3. Hear this word the Lord has spoken. 3:1 (3 times)

4. This is what the Lord showed me. 7:1 (5 times)

B. When God speaks - Amos listens.
1. His sensitivity to God's Word. 3:8a

2. His submission to God's will. 3:8b

3. His responsiveness to God's direction. 7:14-15

4. His application of God's message 1:1


Part 6: The Faithfulness of God
Series: Taking God Seriously
Stuart Briscoe

In the reign of Jeroboam II and the dreadful years that followed, God raised up an unusual man - Hosea. Through him God ministered a message of faithfulness.

I. The Unusual Circumstances of Hosea's Life.

A. His marriage to Gomer. 1:1-3
1. A matter of obedience.

2. A marriage of significance.

3. A problem of interpretation.
a. Literal?

b. Allegorical?

B. His children and their names. 1:3-9
1. His first son - Jezreel.
a. A reminder of Jezreel's history. 1 Kings 21

b. A promise regarding Jezreel's future.

2. His daughter - Lo-ruhamah.
a. A prediction that Israel will not be pitied.

b. A promise that Judah will be spared.
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