by Fred Lowery

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Emotional Restoration (3 of 4)
Series: Restoration
Dr. Fred Lowery
Ephesians 4:32; Matthew 18:21-22; Matthew 18:34-35; Genesis 37:19-20; Genesis 50:19-20

OK. This morning - let's talk - we're gonna talk about Emotional Restoration. How many of you are in control of your emotions or could it be that your emotions control you more than you control your emotions? I think maybe the latter is - is me because this week at the Republican National Convention they're telling stories and I'm sitting there crying like a girl. So, we need to understand that so many of our problems in our lives can be traced to negative emotions that we don't deal with. The last 2 weeks we've talked about Spiritual Restoration and spiritual restoration is the foundation - it's the source - it's how we handle our emotions, especially our negative emotions because everyone in this room needs restoration. I need it. You need it - we all need it.

Well, let me just ask you - how many of you have been hurt by somebody in your life? Let me see your hand. OK. So, we have 2 groups of people here this morning - those who've been hurt and those who are liars and both need restoration - Amen? We both need restoration and for many people it is emotional restoration that you desperately, desperately need. And it's because we have a sinful nature and we battle these negative emotions like envy and bitterness and resentment and hate and we let them just churn inside us and keep repeating things over and over in our minds. It's like this mom looked out her kitchen window and she saw her 3 kids surrounding 3 little skunks. So she raises the kitchen window and screams, "Run!" And they each picked up a skunk and ran. And that's what we do when we harbor these negative emotions in our minds but here's good news - Jesus died to set us free. He died so that if we would learn to trust the sovereignty of God at work in our life and if we would depend upon God's supernatural strength then we can refuse to h ...

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