by Fred Lowery

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Is It Possible to Forgive and Forget? (4 of 4)
Series: Restoration
Dr. Fred Lowery
Colossians 3:13; Colossians 2:13-14; Isaiah 43:25; Romans 12:19; Matthew 6:14-15

Raise your hands so they can see you - (Marian Warren was in the service). Let's welcome them to this service. There is one of the greatest singers in my life time. I love to hear him sing. An evangelist for over so many years - preach, sing, wonderful family. His daughter married Jim Watkins in our church, ah, so a lot of ties there, so it's always good to see - to see them.
So, we're finishing up on forgiveness today and - and, ah, Democrats already have to forgive me. I love the 4 year old boy who was trying to pray the Lord's Prayer as he heard it at church and he said, "And forgive us- forgive us our trash baskets as we forgive those who put trash in our baskets…." and so forgiveness goes both ways but if you cannot forgive you cannot love. If you cannot forgive you cannot have lasting relationships; you cannot have intimate marriage; if you cannot forgive you cannot grow spiritually. It hurts your walk, your worship, your witness, your work for God. If you cannot forgive you cannot be happy so we have to get forgiveness right. We have to do it and you can do it. On October the 2nd, 2006, Charles Roberts had breakfast with his family, Amy, and his 3 children and after breakfast Amy went to a Moms In Touch meeting at the church where they prayed for their school and their teachers and for safety for the kids and Roberts then went took his 6 and 8 year old child to the bus stop and kissed them bye and then he went to his garage and he got tape and rope and guns and put them in the back of his truck and he took - then he went- he drove to an Amish community and then he went inside an Amish school with his guns and his rage and he tied up these young girls. What he intended to do was to rape and murder those girls and he told those girls that he was angry. He was angry because of the death of h ...

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