by Stuart Briscoe

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NOTE: This sermon is part 5 and 6 of a 12 part sermon series. Two sermons outlines are included in this download.


Part 5: Is Prayer Being Offered?
Series: What To Look For In A Church
Stuart Briscoe
Acts 2:42

Healthy relationships require clear communication. In Scripture God speaks to us; in prayer we speak to Him. The health of all churches is directly relat¬ed to the commitment to teaching and prayer. The Jerusalem church was devoted to both.

I. How They Learned to Pray. Luke 11:1 13

A. The disciples observed Christ's practice of prayer.

B. The disciples requested Christ to teach them to pray.

C. The Lord expected them to practice prayer: "when you pray…"

D. Jesus taught them the principles of prayer.
1. Prayer is only as valuable as its object is viable-"Father."
a. A Father whose name is to be honored.

b. A Father whose kingdom is to be desired.

c. A Father whose will is to be obeyed.

2. Prayer can legitimately address physical needs-"daily bread."

3. Prayer should impact relational issues-"forgive as we forgive."

4. Prayer deals with spiritual struggles-"lead us not…temptation."

5. Prayer is work requiring perseverance and perspiration.


Part 6: Is Generosity in Evidence?
Series: What To Look For In A Church
Stuart Briscoe
Acts 2:43-45

In the Jerusalem church "everyone was filled with awe" because of what God was doing. This produced a deep sense of community and a "wonderful sense of generosity" (4:33 Phillips). We can learn a lot from their experience and example.

I. How the Spirit of Generosity Was Generated.

A. They recognized a new sense of community.
1. "Everyone was filled with awe." 2:43
a. The dramatic evidence of God's power at work.

b. The powerful reminder of spiritual and eternal issues.

2. "The believers were together." 2:44a
a. They were bound together by a common belief system.

b. They were bonded by their minority status.

3. "(They) had everything in common." 2:44b
a. Differences were less significant than commonalities.

b. "Heart and mind" shared common purpose. 4:32

B. They developed a fresh sense of compassion.
1. Their heritage had taught ritual tithing and caring for the needy.
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