by Stuart Briscoe

Dem Dry Bones
Jill Briscoe
Ezekiel 37

Burned bones lying shimmering in the heat present a 'grave' problem. How is it that many 'born again bones' are lying around in visionless valleys-mere shadows of all they were meant to be? Can God revive the believer and animate the moral corpse of the unbeliever? In other words, 'can these bones live?'

I. The Vision in the Valley. Ezekiel 37:1 14

A. The Dry Bones-"Bones that were very dry." v. 2
1. Dry. v. 2

2. Depressed. v. 11

3. Disconnected. v. 11

B. The Bone Maker - Job 10:11,12: "You clothed me with skin and flesh and knit me together with bones and sinews." v. 11
1. His will. v. 4

2. His way.

C. The Blessing Bone-"The hand of the Lord was upon me." v. 1
1. Captured.

2. Carried.

3. Commanded.
a. Preach to the bones. v. 4

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