by Stuart Briscoe

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NOTE: This sermon is part 5 and 6 of a 8 part sermon series. Two sermons outlines are included in this download.


Part 5: Comfort Through the Spirit
Series: Comfort For Troubled Hearts
Stuart Briscoe
John 16:5-15

Sometimes we try to understand how anything good can possibly come out of the bad things that happen to us. The disciples certainly felt like this when Jesus told them it was to their advantage that He would leave them via the Cross. The advantage of which He spoke to them is to our advantage, too. We need to be clear about the promise He gave to them and to us.

I. The Program Is Outlined.

A. Jesus' understanding of the program. v. 5
1. I came because He sent me.

2. I'm going to Him who sent me.

B. Disciples' misunderstanding of the program. v. 6
1. Related to their own perceptions.

2. Restricted by their own preoccupations.

3. Reacted to from their own frustrations.

C. Jesus clarified the program. v. 7
"It is for your good because:"

1. "I am going away." (via the Cross)

2. "After a little while you will see me." v. 16 (Resurrection)


Part 6: Comfort Through Grief
Series: Comfort For Troubled Hearts
Stuart Briscoe
John 16:16-33

The attitude of Jesus in the midst of trouble was quite remarkable. He knew that He would rise again and return to the Father's presence. The disciples had no such understanding, but they learned. So should we.

I. The Experience of the Disciples.

A. A lack of comprehension. vv. 16 18
1. "I have been speaking figuratively." v. 25

2. "Paroimia"-"dark, veiled saying, riddle."

3. Comprehension impossible before cross and resurrection.

4. Comprehension requires commitment.

B. A lack of comfort. v. 19
1. Talking to each other.

2. Not free to talk to Him!

3. "Now is your time of grief." v. 22

C. A lack of composure. vv. 29 32
1. Immature faith. v. 3 1
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