by Stuart Briscoe

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NOTE: This sermon is part 7 and 8 of a 8 part sermon series. Two sermons outlines are included in this download.


Part 7: Comfort Through Prayer
Series: Comfort For Troubled Hearts
Stuart Briscoe
John 17:1-19

Recognizing that the moment had arrived for which He had entered the world (v. 1), the Lord Jesus turned His face heavenwards and spoke to the Father. What He had to say about His concerns for Himself, the Father’s glory, and the disciples’ welfare at such a critical moment is most enlightening for us.

I. Jesus Prays About His Situation.

A. The resort to prayer.
1. A matter of communication. v. 1 (“lego” = “said”)

2. A matter of custom. Luke 5:16

3. A matter of concern. Luke 22:31

4. A matter of crisis. Luke 22:41

Note: Those who are accustomed to praying, pray best in crisis.

B. The review of prayer.
1. The grant of authority. v. 2

2. The gift of eternal life. v. 3


Part 8: Comfort Through Unity
Series: Comfort For Troubled Hearts
Stuart Briscoe
John 17:20-26

Jesus assumed that His disciples would faithfully fulfill the commission He had given them and that as a result there would be future generations of believers, including present day believers. So when He prayed for future believers His prayer included us! That He prayed for us is highly significant. What He prayed for us should be clearly understood.

I. The One to Whom He Prayed.

A. Father. v. 1

B. Holy Father. v. 11

C. Righteous Father. v. 25

II. The Ones for Whom He Prayed.

A. Their distinctives.
1. They are different from the "world." v. 9

2. They are definitely "given" by the Father.

B. Their description.
1. They "believe in Me" through apostolic message. v. 20

2. They have been given "the glory." v. 22
a. The "glory" of being indwelt as He was. v. 23

b. The "glory" of cross-bearing as He did. v. 1
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