by Rex Yancey

Are We Living In The Last Days?
Rex Yancey
2 Timothy 3:1-7

When we read these verses of scripture, it is like picking up the morning paper and reading from it. It is like turning on the television and watching the evening news. These things are so current and up to date that it seems like Paul just sat down in prison and wrote a description of the time in which you and I live.
There have always been times like this in past history. However, it seems that things are snowballing the closer we get to the coming of Christ. This world is on a collision course with judgment. Our world is facing moral, social, political, financial, national, and international darkness.
Paul is preparing his young protégé Timothy for the future. He knows that his time on earth is just about over. He mentions many of the characteristics of the last days.
1. These are definite days.
In a sense we having been living in the last days since Christ ascended into heaven. But in another sense, we may be living in the generation just before He comes again.
-John closed the book of Revelation by saying "Even so come Lord Jesus." He thought he was in the last days. So did Paul. "We who are alive and remain shall not precede those which are asleep…" Peter was looking for the Savior. No one knows for sure when Jesus will come again. But I can tell you this; we are closer to His coming than they were.
This is not a hypothetical text. Some time or another real people are going to live in the last days. It just may be our generation. This is not a time for generalities or nebulous talk. This is a time to look around and contrast what's happening with what the scripture predicts. When we do that, realism will set in.
-The old-timers on the farm would say "The rain has set in." That meant that they were going to have rain for a spell. The last days have set in. It looks like Satan has just taken over.
2. These are dangerous days.
-Paul s ...

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