by Jerry Watts

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Giving (6 of 7)
Series: Authentic Christianity
Jerry Watts
Luke 6:38

• In the 'hay-day' years of the train a young man from the country got hired as a switchman on the train. We'll call him, Leo. As part of Leo's training, he was taken to a switch by his supervisor. The supervisor said, "Leo, you think you understand how all this works and what your responsibility is?" Confidently Leo said, "Yes sir, I think I have it." "Okay then Leo," the supervisor continued, "Let's say you have a train coming from the north at 80mph and a train coming from the south at 50mph on the SAME TRACK - and you were standing here at this switch, who do you think you would do?" Leo excitedly repeated the scenario to his supervisor to make sure he understood the gravity of the situation. Unexpectedly Leo said, "I'd run and get Uncle Jed!" The supervisor couldn't believe his ears and responded, "You have two trains coming at each other at a cumulative speed of 140 mph, you're standing at this switch, and you're going to run and get 'Uncle Jed?'" More excited than ever Leo said, "YES SIR! Because Uncle Jed has NEVER SEEN A WRECK THIS BIG!"
• Human-kind is on a collision course with Jehovah God. Every man and woman, boy and girl, is on a collision course with the God of creation. The Bible tells us that every one of us is sinful and that as sinful being we are headed toward eternal damnation in a place prepared for the devil and his demons. It is only when we respond to the call of Father God through the Holy Spirit of God to repent of our sins and turn to Jesus Christ, and then live for Him that we can avert this certain doom. Have you?
• This is called 'Followship' or 'following Jesus.' It is a decision but it's more than a decision. To make this decision is to bring about a cascade of changes in our lives. Where at one time we would never 'repent' of anything (because of pride, fear, arrogance, etc), to follow Jesus in an authentic way means a lifestyle of repent ...

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