by Fred Lowery

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God is For You - Part 2 (2 of 4)
Series: Restoration
Dr. Fred Lowery
James 4:6; Rom 8:31; Luke 5:12-13; Joel 2:21; Jeremiah 31:4; Joel 2:20; Rev 9:1-10

OK. What happened to the locust? Have we got the locusts coming? We were supposed to have - I asked them to let - to find a locust - get the sound and then multiply it a few times - 12 times and see what it sounds like in the room.

(Locust sound)

Now multiply that by millions and millions and millions of locusts. The locusts are coming. But here's what I want you to understand - those locusts literally wiped out everything green. They had the locust and a drought, their food supply was gone; the water was gone. God used insects to bring these people to their knees. Wasted land. But our lives can be just as parched and dry and wasted as the fields of Judah. And it happened so easily. It happens when we get careless, when we become busy, when we become preoccupied. We take control of our own lives; we put God in a lesser place.
I talked about Will last week. This past week the Patton's and the Faciane's went to hear this guy sing from Ireland, he makes great CD's and they were all excited about going and hearing him. They got over there and of course he played the guitar and sat on a stool and Will is sitting beside Luke Patton. Luke is looking at this singer and he says "he is really old". And so Will agreed with him. Then Luke looks at Will and says, "Is he older than DocDoc?" And Will said, "No, DocDoc is new!" I LOVED that! New and old…..I loved that! But I think, because he has heard so many times that I've got a new hip, he thinks I'm just new now! That it's a whole new game! You know, when I think about my hip, the doctors were fooled because they kept saying it was not my hip. They took an x-ray and they said it's not your hip. But it WAS my hip. My hip was unrestored, it was weak, it was limited, it was ineffective. And it made me joyless. It kept me from doing things I wanted ...

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