by Stuart Briscoe

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NOTE: This sermon is part 1 and 2 of a 29 part sermon series. Two sermons outlines are included in this download.


Part 1: How to Be Happy Though Human
Series: Psalms
Stuart Briscoe
Psalm 1

The Declaration of Independence guarantees men and women freedom to pursue happiness. Most people will tell you that their basic aim in life is to achieve happiness. But even a casual survey of our society will show that happiness eludes many. Why should this be? This Psalm holds some answers.

I. The Philosophy of a Happy Man.

A. He rejects a godless philosophy. v. 1
1. Because it leads to disorientation.

2. Because it leads to disintegration.

3. Because it leads to disillusionment.

B. He embraces a god-centered philosophy. v. 2
1. He acknowledges the place of the Lord.

2. He accepts the rule of the Lord.

3. He appreciates the leading of the Lord.


Part 2: World in Tumult
Series: Psalms
Stuart Briscoe
Psalm 2

I. An Evaluation of the Situation. vv. 1-3

A. The conditions. v. 1
1. International conflict (heathen rage-lit. nations in tumult).

2. Individual confusion (vain thing-lit. emptiness).

B. The Causes. vv. 2-3
1. The arrogance of the leadership.
a. Self-sufficient.

b. Self-confident.

2. The antagonism to the Lord.
a. Jehovah.

b. Christ.

3. The attraction to liberty.
a. Break the bands.

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