by Stuart Briscoe

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NOTE: This sermon is part 17 and 18 of a 29 part sermon series. Two sermons outlines are included in this download.


Part 17: Depression
Series: Psalms
Stuart Briscoe
Psalm 42

Depression is a scourge to some people. It may be caused by physical, mental, emotional, psychological, or spiritual imbalances. David's depression seems to have been mainly spiritual.

I. The Depression of David's Soul.

A. He has lost the reality of God. vv. 1a-2

B. He longs to rediscover God. v. 2b

C. He lies in a pool of self-pity. v. 3a

D. He lives in perpetual defeat. v. 3b

E. He loves to feed on his sorrows. v. 4a

F. He leans on the "good old days." 4b

II. The Debate in David's Soul.


Part 18: Communicating Christ
Series: Psalms
Stuart Briscoe
Psalm 45

This Psalm speaks of the marriage of Christ and His Church. It is a glad expression of praise and a beautiful piece of communication.

I. The Manner of Communicating. v. 1

A. The exuberance of the heart.

B. The excellence of the material.

C. The experience of the speaker.

D. The expertise of the communication.

II. The Material Being Communicated.

A. The majesty of Christ. vv. 2-9
1. Christ the Man. v. 2
a. The graciousness of His lips.

b. The greatness of His life.

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