by Stuart Briscoe

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NOTE: This sermon is part 27, 28 and 29 of a 29 part sermon series. Two sermons outlines are included in this download.


Part 27: What the World Needs
Series: Psalms
Stuart Briscoe
Psalm 67

What the world needs is love, peace, equality, law and order, food…according to various voices. But revival, according to the Scriptures.

I. The Proclamation of God's Way. v. 2a

A. This Way contradicts man's way.
1. Because it is a High way. cf. Isaiah 55:7-9; Proverbs 14:12

2. Because it is a Holy way. cf. Isaiah 35:8-9; Isaiah 53:6

B. This Way constricts man's waywardness.
1. A broad way to destruction. Matthew 7:13

2. A narrow way to life. Matthew 7:14


Part 28: The Lord in Perspective
Series: Psalms
Stuart Briscoe
Psalm 68

Perspective gives balance and depth. Absence of perspective produces distortion and error. The Lord must be seen in perspective…in all His transcendent glory but also in His humble descent into the affairs of man culminating in His triumphant ascent into the Glory.

I. The Lord Transcending.

A. He transcends the universe.
"…He rideth upon the heavens." v. 4

B. He transcends the Mind.
"…His name is JAH." v. 4

C. He transcends the Grave.
"…to Him belong the issues from death." v. 20

II. The Lord Descending.


Part 29: Thy Kingdom Come
Series: Psalms
Stuart Briscoe
Psalm 72

Solomon, David's son, reigned in his father's stead with great distinction. His feats as an administrator, author and architect are legendary. This Psalm is a prayer for him but also from "a greater than Solomon", whose reign shall surpass all other reigns.

I. The Basis of His Reign Is Spiritual. vv. 1-7

Righteousness, the key note. vv. 1-3

A. The Righteousness He portrays.

B. The Righteousness He procures. Romans 3:19-26

C. The Righteousness He provides. Romans 5:17

D. The Righteousness He produces. Matthew 6:1

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