by Stephen Whitney

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True Worship (1 of 3)
Series: Worship
Stephen Whitney
John 4:20-23

On Thursday October 13, 1994 thousands of pilgrims were expected to descend upon a muddy farm field in Conyers,
Georgia to listen and watch for the Virgin Mary who had reportedly appeared on the 13th of each month for the last
four years to the owner Nancy Fowler.

Police expected up to 100,000 because this date marked the anniversaries of what Fowler calls the first messages here and
the last apparition of the Virgin in Fatima, Portugal, in 1917.

The Blessed Mother - reported by Fowler to be disgusted that her message to pray, believe in God and oppose abortion wasn't being heeded by U.S. Catholics - stopped speaking to her in May.

"If you believe in God and the Blessed Mother, you don't want
to miss this," said Maria Altherr, who came 600 miles from Ohio, to join the crowd at what's described as a religious Woodstock.

During past events, crowds claim to see a cross in the sky and many have attempted to photograph the phenomenon, but to no avail. The devout say the sun spins on its axis, followed by beams of light shooting into the house at midday when the Virgin Mary is supposed to enter a pine-panelled "Apparition Room" with Fowler
who relays the messages to the people through loudspeakers.

"You experience a deep inner peace and go back changed," said
60 year-old Mike Altherr who came for the second time. Jon Haber, who lives on the farm, said it is no coincidence that the number of visitors is increasing. "We are in the very last times and Blessed Mary is appearing in order to try to bring her flock back to Jesus. Something is definitely happening here because people are being transformed and purified."

Some people believe that being in a certain place brings your closer to God so you can hear him speak to you and therefore
you can worship him better.
The question to ask is what is True Worship of God?
Is it being in a certain place or is it doing a ...

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