by Ernest Easley

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Think on these Things - Part 1
Dr. Ernest L. Easley
Philippians 4:8; Luke 15

We are going to begin tonight in the book of Philippians, so take God's Word and turn there with me. There is something in the fourth chapter of Philippians that every believer needs for tomorrow and this coming week that will help see us through!
You say, "Pastor, see us through what?" Whatever comes your way! Good or bad, wanted or unwanted, planned or surprised, expected or unexpected. I'm saying that whatever comes your way this week .. these bible verses in Philippians 4 that will work!
You plug these verses into every circumstance you face this week and discover the difference God's word makes in your life. Are you ready?
The first verse is found in Philippians 4.4, "Rejoice in the Lord always. Again I will say, rejoice." Focus on the word "always." "Rejoice in the Lord ALWAYS." Say that word with me: ALWAYS. Now listen to it again, "Rejoice in the Lord (say it with me) always."
And to add more force to it, the word translated "rejoice" is written in the Imperative meaning it's a command! Here's what that means: God commands us to rejoice in the Lord … ALWAYS! And not only when life is just easy, but when it's hard! Not only when life is smooth, but bumpy! "Rejoice in the Lord … always."
Back to this word "Rejoice," you need to also know that it is in the Present Tense. Being in the Present Tense means that it literally says, "Rejoice and keep on rejoicing in the Lord always."
Always! Constantly rejoicing in the Lord in the ups as well as in the downs. Thanking Him. Praising Him. Loving Him in every circumstance. That's not easy, is it? Let me tell you something: only a child of God can pull that off! And not every child of God!
Every child of God can but not every child of God does. The rebellious child of God isn't going to rejoice in the Lord always. The drifting child of God isn't going to rejoice in the Lord always. The carnal c ...

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