by Ernest Easley

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Think of These Things - Part 2
Dr. Ernest L. Easley
Philippians 4:8; Luke 15; Matthew 25:14-30

Last time together we began in Philippians 4 by looking at two verses to plug into every circumstance we face to discover the difference God' word makes in our life.
The first one is found in Philippians 4.4, "Rejoice in the Lord … ALWAYS." How many of you had the opportunity last week to use that verse? In every circumstance: good or bad, wanted or unwanted, planned or unplanned, expected or unexpected? Wonderful! Now let me tell you something about this coming week: you'll have more opportunities to plug that verse into your life again.
And remember .. though that command is given to every child of God, not every child of God will obey it. The rebellious child of God isn't going to rejoice in the Lord always. The carnal child of God is not going to rejoice in the Lord in every circumstance.
But a spirit filled child of God will obey it. The obedient child of God will rejoice in the Lord in every circumstance. And by the way … there is not a greater witness to the life-changing power of God than when in the life of a believer, the bottom falls out, and you respond by rejoicing in the Lord!
The lost world sees that and says, "There really is something to this Jesus thing!" Troubles and difficulties provide us the greatest opportunity for showing our lost friends the difference that Jesus makes in a person's life. No wonder Paul tells us to "rejoice in the Lord …. ALWAYS."
The next verse to guide us this coming week is found in Philippians 4.6, "Be anxious for NOTHING."
"Rejoice in the Lord … ALWAYS."
"Be anxious for ……. NOTHING."
Now look again at the last phrase of verse 8, "… meditate on these things." God wants us using our minds! That's why He gave them to us: to use! Now with our minds in gear and with our Bibles opened to Luke 15 .. there are some things we need to think on!
It's in Luke 15.11-32 we find Jesus' familiar parable o ...

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