by Stuart Briscoe

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NOTE: This sermon is part 3 and 4 of a 6 part sermon series. Two sermons outlines are included in this download.


Part 3: Visitor's Reception
Series: Making God Smile
Stuart Briscoe
John 1:10-13

We have learned how to send people to the moon-and get them back again. But we have not succeeded in solving many of the pressing problems on earth. Many despair that we ever will. So the news that God visited our planet to put matters right is exciting. Or is it?

I. When the Word Visited the World.

A. "He was in the world."
1. World-Gk. "Kosmos"-universe, the ultimate "ornament."

2. World-the place in the universe where mankind lives. 16:33

3. World-mankind that "dominates" the world. 12:19

4. World-hostile attitude common to mankind. 7:7; 15; 18

5. World-environment governed by evil "prince." 12:31; 16:11

B. "The world was made through Him."
1. A pristine environment-fundamentally "Good." Genesis 1:1

2. The shattering of "Shalom"-not the way things ought to be.

C. "The world did not recognize Him."
1. Did not "know" Him intimately.


Part 4: By Caring for Others
Series: Making God Smile
Stuart Briscoe
1 Timothy 2:1-8

We have seen that an attitude of trusting obedience towards the Lord and careful attention to our personal behavior are vital if we are to please God. In this passage we will see that proper attitudes towards other people merit the smile of His approval, too.

I. Caring for Others "Is Good and Pleases God Our Savior." v. 3

A. God created us for relationships.

B. God involves us in His saving activity.

II. Caring for Others by Supporting Them in Prayer. v. 1

A. Prayer is to be seen as a necessity and a priority-"first of all."

B. Prayer is to be all embracing-"everyone."

C. Prayer involves:
1. Requests.

2. Prayers.

3. Intercessions.

4. Thanksgiving.

III. Caring for Others Requires Concern for Their Social Well-being. v. 2

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