by Stuart Briscoe

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NOTE: This sermon is part 5 and 6 of a 8 part sermon series. Two sermons outlines are included in this download.


Part 5: Seven Significant Visions
Series: End Times: What's Going On?
Stuart Briscoe
Revelation 12:1-14:20

John records various visions that graphically explain why the churches are experiencing hostility, why the hostility will continue, and how it will ultimately be resolved.

I. A Woman, a Child, and a Dragon. 12:1-6

A. A pregnant woman "clothed with sun…moon…stars": Israel. See Genesis 37:9

B. An "enormous red dragon" with "heads…horns…crowns." See v. 9

C. The child "snatched up" will "rule all the nations." See Psalm 2:7-9

D. Woman in "desert…prepared for her by God…for 1260 days": New Israel.

II. War in Heaven. 12:7-12

A. Cosmic conflict in the spiritual realm: Michael vs. Devil, Satan, Serpent.

B. He "who leads the whole world astray…hurled to the earth…angels with him."

C. But Christ has established His kingdom and His people will overcome by…


Part 6: The Seven Last Plagues
Series: End Times: What's Going On?
Stuart Briscoe
Revelation 15:1-19:10

In his visions of the "Seals," John "saw" the judgment of God at work in the affairs of mankind. In the "Trumpets" he recognized how God in grace warns mankind of impending judgment. But in the "plagues" the judgment has finally come. It's the End.

I. God's Wrath Is Completed. 15:1-8

A. The wrath of God emanates from heaven.

B. The wrath of God elicits worship: songs of Moses and the Lamb. See Exodus 15

C. The wrath of God is holy (temple), powerful (angels), and pure (shining linen).

D. The wrath of God is totally justifiable: so say angel and altar. vv. 5-7

II. The Seven Last Plagues. 16:1-21

Note: similarity to plagues of Egypt. Exodus 7:1ff

A. Plague 1: Choose the beast over the Lord and it will be ugly and painful.

B. Plague 2: "The wages of sin is death."

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