by Stuart Briscoe

NOTE: This sermon is part 1and 2 of a 2 part sermon series. Two sermons outlines are included in this download.


Part 1: The Disciple's Unique Calling
Series: Discipleship Distinctives
Stuart Briscoe
John 17:6-19

During His relatively brief public ministry, Jesus spent a disproportionate amount of time with a small group of disciples. In His final hours, He clarified why He had done so and what He planned for them. His words must resonate with modern day disciples.

I. They Had Been "Given Out of the World." 17:6

A. The world in which they lived.
1. The world that God loved. 3:16

2. The world that "hated" God. 15:18

B. The word they had received.
1. The "name" had been revealed.

2. The word they had obeyed.

3. The claim they had believed.

4. The allegiance they had now embraced.

II. They Were Intentionally "Still in the World." 17:11

A. Jesus had completed His assigned task and He was about to leave.

B. The disciples were about to begin their task and they had to stay.


Part 2: The Disciple's Unique Resource
Series: Discipleship Distinctives
Stuart Briscoe
John 8:31-36; 15:1-8; 17:15-19

Jesus placed great emphasis on the fact that He had delivered "God's Word" to the disciples. They received it, acted upon it, and lived in the good of it. Modern day disciples need to appreciate the unique resource they, too, have in the Word.

I. The Revelation of God in the Word. 17:6-8

A. The Father gave a select group of men to Jesus to be His disciples.

B. Jesus "revealed" God's name (character, purpose) to them.
1. Revealed in the spoken word.

2. Revealed in the living Word.

C. The disciples believed, accepted, and obeyed the Word.
1. They were convinced that Jesus truly came from the Father.

2. They recognized that Jesus' words were the Word of God.

II. The Transformation of Life Through the Word.

A. Continuance in the Word leads to freedom. 8:31-36
1. True discipleship is born in believing and nurtured in continuing.

2. Continuing in the Word leads to existential knowledge of the truth.

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