by Stuart Briscoe

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NOTE: This sermon is part 3 and 4 of a 8 part sermon series. Two sermons outlines are included in this download.


Part 3: The Door of the Sheep
Series: The Difference Christ Makes Today
Stuart Briscoe
John 10:1-10

After the blind man had been thrown out of the synagogue (see 9:34), Jesus received him and, in so doing, set His authority over against that of the religious leaders. In case they missed the point, He added that He was the Door-and the only one at that!

I. The Entrance to the Kingdom.

N.B. Shepherd/King/Rule. Revelation 2:27; Matthew 2:6; Isaiah 40:10-11

A. Shepherds' entrance.
1. God is the Shepherd. Psalm 80:1; Psalm 23:1

2. He appoints undershepherds. Ezekiel 34:112

3. They must enter through Christ. v. 2

4. The tragedy of unfaithful shepherds. Ezekiel 34:17 19

B. Sheep entrance.
1. An inclusive entrance-"Whoever enters." v. 9

2. An exclusive entrance-One Door to sheepfold. cf. 14:6

II. The Enemies of the Kingdom.


Part 4: The Good Shepherd
Series: The Difference Christ Makes Today
Stuart Briscoe
John 10:11-30

Christ's claim to be the Good Shepherd has been a source of comfort and assurance to believers down through the centuries. But when the claim was made, some of his hearers were so incensed that they tried to kill him, once again showing the challenging and controversial nature of his claims.

I. The Unique Character of the Good Shepherd.

A. I am the Shepherd.

B. I am the Shepherd, the Good. (Gk. Kalos)
1. Caring deeply about the sheep. vv. 12-13

2. Giving totally for the sheep. vv. 11, 15, 17

II. The Unique Claims of the Good Shepherd-Claims About:¬

A. His sheep.
1. He knows them. v.14

2. They know Him. v. 14

3. They hear His voice. v. 27

4. They follow Him. v. 27

B. His sheep pen.
1. I have other sheep. v. 16

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