by Rex Yancey

Lessons That Can Be Learned from a Storm
Rex Yancey
Mark 4:35-41

Life is full of storms. It didn't take me long to figure that out on the Gulf Coast. I read where they asked Osceola why he moved his tribe to high ground every summer. He said, "Saw grass bloom." He didn't have a meteorologist but he had learned that when the saw grass blooms the hurricanes are racing over the Atlantic.
One of the most frustrating things about living on the coast is that it is hard to plan anything in the summer months. I boarded my house up on many occasions when the hurricanes were bouncing in the Gulf.
One summer I got into the same storm three times. Ellon and I carried some furniture to Florida for Lori and Brian. The storm was near Pascagoula in the Gulf when we left. It went over Lori and Brian's house in Florida. It changed courses and headed back to Mobile Bay. We delayed our trip back to Pascagoula because the Tunnel was closed in Mobile. Then when we did make it back we took Lori to Quitman for a wedding. We hit the storm again in Waynesboro.
But in our text today Jesus is using this storm as a sign. In other words, this natural storm is symbolic of all the storms we face in life of various circumstances.
USA today did a survey on the top five troubles for people. The result of that survey was: The death of a child, the death of a spouse, hunger, the death of a parent, and the loss of a home.
-In further research they listed 58 possible troubles that people could face in life. The average adult said he or she had experienced four of those 58 troubles within the past year. 73% faced health related troubles, 29% faced work related troubles, 26% faced financial troubles, 22% house related troubles, 22% family/ and personal related troubles, 20% marriage troubles, and 14% trouble with the law.
-Hear me out this morning; life is full of trouble.
In our exploration of how to live our lives we can conclude that we have to learn to deal with storms.
Jesu ...

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