by Stuart Briscoe

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NOTE: This sermon is part 3 and 4 of a 9 part sermon series. Two sermons outlines are included in this download.


Part 3: Reaching a City for Christ
Series: Christians Awake!
Stuart Briscoe
Acts 4:23-5:32

Jerusalem, the city over which Christ literally wept because of its antagonism to the message of the prophets and its rejection of the Christ, became the center of first-century evangelism. Opponents of the church admitted that they had "filled Jerusalem with their teaching." To know how they did it will help us reach our city for Christ.

I. Attitudes of the Church in Jerusalem.

A. The "prayer" attitude. 4:23-31
1. Their prayer was instinctive. vv. 23-24

2. Their prayer was submissive. v. 24

3. Their prayer was authoritative. v. 25

4. Their prayer was imaginative. v. 27

5. Their prayer was imperative. vv. 29-30

6. Their prayer was effective. v. 31

B. The "share" attitude. 4:32-37
1. The burden they shared.

2. The goals they shared. v. 32


Part 4: Earning the Right to Be Heard
Series: Christians Awake!
Stuart Briscoe
Acts 6:1-7:60

Stephen was the first Christian martyr. He was also a singularly effective witness to Christ. His secret was that he lived in the fullness of the Spirit and this was evident to all who met him. This earned him the right to be heard.

I. What He Was-Irreproachable.

A. The believers knew what he was. 6:3
1. Full of the Spirit and wisdom.

2. Full of faith and of the Holy Spirit. 6:5

3. Full of grace and power. 6:8

B. The opposition saw what he was.
1. Before the Sanhedrin. 6:15

2. Before the mob. 7:59-60

II. What He Did-Irrefutable.

A. What he did "among the people." 6:8
"Great wonders and marvelous signs."

B. What he did when facing opposition.

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