by Marvin D. Patterson

What to Do in the Storms of Life
Marvin Patterson
Matthew 14:22-36

A Baptist preacher, while beginning his text, said this to the congregation: "I'm gonna tell you the same thing Elizabeth Taylor told all her husbands. And that is - 'I'm not gonna keep you long!'" SLM
There was a preacher that was trying out for a church. He always used notes when he preached but he wanted to really impress the congregation with his knowledge of the word, so he taped his notes to the inside of his suit jacket. He began preaching, he said, "Brothers and sisters the first man in the bibles name was, he pulled open his jacket and said, Adam.". He began to preach on Adam for awhile. He went to another point and said, "Brothers and sisters the name of the man who built the arks name was, he pulled open his jacket and said, Noah.". He preached on Noah for awhile. About this time, he had been preaching with so vigoursly and did not notice that the notes he had taped to his jacket had fallen to the floor. He said to the congregation, "Brothers and sisters the man who the bible says was after God's own heart was, he pulled open he jacket and said, JC Penny!".


Last week we saw that Jesus is able to take a little and do a lot with it! As we mentioned "Little is much when God is in it." The Lord and the disciples set sail from the western side of the Sea of Galilee, and went to the eastern shore. They proceeded up a small mountain, and the Lord was listening to their news of the first missionary trip. After this, the multitudes walked around the northern part of the Sea of Galilee, for they wanted to see and hear the Savior! Jesus was moved with compassion towards them, and healed their sick. About three o clock in the evening, the disciples told Jesus that He needed to send the multitudes back to their homes and villages so they could get food and not faint. The Lord said that they were to feed the multitude, which was 5,000 men. When you add in the women an ...

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