by Lenny Ports

Not Perfect But Submitted to the Process
Lenny Ports

Here is the story of our lives as God has prescribed.

We are all born into this world. Our mom and our dad had a part to play but God created us.

It doesn't take too long before we realize that we are not perfect - that we could never measure up to the level of perfection. This is where people fall into one of 2 categories. They either continue to strive to make themselves and their lives perfect, or they realize they could never be perfect and look to other sources to help them in their imperfection. This is where many find their relief in drugs and alcohol, in physical relationships, in sports, or in other outlets.

And when that doesn't work they start the cycle all over again. The whole time, the enemy of God Himself is speaking lies and convincing people that they really don't need God, that they are sufficient in and of themselves. So the common person born in this world to human parents continues to struggle with their identity - who they are. They try and try to fit themselves into a life that just does not fit. They are not satisfied. Most at this point will turn to something to try to fill this vacancy that is left in their hearts but nothing and no one can fill it.

Until Jesus comes into their lives... He doesn't intrude and He doesn't come where He is not invited. He is not a party crasher. He waits and He waits and He waits a little longer. The circumstances of people's lives begin to tell them a story and that is that they really can't make it in life without the One who created them in it.

Although I was raised in a good family who attended church weekly, i too found myself in this very scenario - not being able to be satisfied. Nothing could quench my thirst. Nothing would do. From playing in rock bands to staying up all night drinking and partying, nothing could really fill the emptiness inside. Until one day at the age of 22. Gerri and I realized we needed m ...

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