by Stuart Briscoe

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NOTE: This sermon is part 9 and 10 of a 12 part sermon series. Two sermons outlines are included in this download.


Part 9: When Frustrations Get in the Way
Series: The Pursuit of Happiness
Stuart Briscoe
Psalm 37

We live outward and inward lives. If we allow the outward to dominate, the inward suffers. If we nurture the inward, the outward is changed. Which way we live determines whether we are happy or frustrated.

I. The Frustrations We Face.

A. God seems to be unfair.
1. The Godless have it easy.
a. They do enviable things. v. 1

b. They enjoy remarkable success. v. 7

c. The live charmed lives. v. 21a

d. They escape unscathed. v. 32

e. They get all the breaks.

2. The Godly have it so hard.
a. They have to live differently.
i. Do good. v. 3

ii. Be just. v. 6

iii. Be meek. v. 11

iv. Have little. v. 16


Part 10: But What About Depression?
Series: The Pursuit of Happiness
Stuart Briscoe
Psalm 42

Depression is experienced by most people at one time or another. It has many causes and is experienced at varying levels. David knew depression, and this Psalm gives some clues as to how he handled it.

I. David's Depression.

A. He longs for a sense of God's presence. vv. 1-2

B. He lost the opportunity of corporate worship. v. 2

C. He lies in a pool of self-pity. v. 3a

D. He lives under constant harassment. v. 3b

E. He leans on the good old days. v. 4

II. David's Discussion.

A. He admits his depression. vv. 1-5
1. To God.
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