by Lenny Ports

Your Words are an Extension of God's Heart
Lenny Ports

Why God gave you a mouth

1) Praise your God

2) Preach the Gospel

3) Proliferate people/edify/build people up

4) Proclaim Truth

Over the last few weeks we have been talking about opening our mouths and letting the Lord use us to reach people. I would like to continue in this theme this week with a message I have titled "Our Words are an Extension of God's Heart."
It is one thing to be saved and to come to know the Lord for ourselves. It is beautiful to reflect on all God's goodness in our lives. We stand in awe of the power of God to save us, the grace of God to strengthen us, the love of God to soothe us, and the mercy of God to sustain us. But we must also know that there is a world out there in need of the same experience that you have had with God. We must realize that God desires to reach people. I said GOD DESIRES TO REACH PEOPLE….and He desires to reach them through YOU!
It is good to receive all that He has given us, but we must now in response to His goodness, would you reach out to a lost and dying world with the message of Hope?... REMEMBERING that HE DESIRES TO REACH THEM and YOU HAVE THE PRIVILEGE OF BEING THE ONE THAT GOD WOULD USE TO REACH THEM.
You are a VESSEL or an INSTRUMENT to be used to express the HEART OF GOD to PEOPLE. For this reason GOD HAS GIVEN YOU A MOUTH!
Why didn't he tell the animals to speak? Why didn't he make the plants to sing? Why didn't he cause the seas to proclaim the good news? It is because He wants to REACH PEOPLE and He desires to use YOU his most precious creation to come into relationship with Him, to have your heart replaced with His heart, and to be used by God to proclaim His praises.

Romans chapter 8 does speak to the fact that all creation is waiting to be redeemed from the curse that is on this earth because of sin. Look with me at what the Word of God states in Romans 8:18 For I consider that the sufferings of this presen ...

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