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Anonymous Facebooking (3 of 8)
Series: Facebook Morality
Jeff Strite
Hebrews 10:19-25

OPEN: For people who haven't been here for the past couple of weeks I've been talking about an internet social network called Facebook. It's THE most popular social network on the internet with 400 million and people gather there to exchange pictures, ideas and dreams.

But not everybody on Facebook contributes. There are people on Facebook who just hang around. They read what people have written on their pages. They look at the pictures.
They just kind of hang around and do nothing. They don't write anything/ they don't share anything. They just sit there and look around.
I call them "Anonymous Facebookers."

Now Facebook - has also noticed this trend… and they regard it as a "problem"
Why? Because Facebook needs advertising revenue to survive. And since advertisers look at the activity that occurs on the site, and since how much these advertisers pay is based upon how much activity they see there. WELL - these anonymous people are just dead weight.
These anonymous facebookers just don't register on their statistics and so, they're not good for the bottom line.

Just recently, Facebook has come up with a solution.
They have a new set of features intended to guilt these folks into getting involved.
Seriously. It's supposed subtly shame people into being more interactive on the site.
( by Devin Coldewey

Now, it's not important for us to know HOW these new features do that (I'm not sure I know myself) but the point is… that's their objective. These features were created to shame Anonymous Facebookers into being less… anonymous.

Now, the church has had much the same problem over the years.

ILLUS: A man told of a friend of his who was walking out of church ahead of him after worship. The preacher was standing at the d ...

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