by Lenny Ports

The Spirit Of Prophecy
Lenny Ports

We all want a message from God. We want to know what God is saying to us now. We want to know what plans God has for our future. We want to know our purpose in life. We want to know the direction that God is leading us. We want to hear from God for our lives. We see people running from church to church to church all in the quest of getting a word from God. Yet my Bible says that the testimony of Jesus is the spirit of prophecy.

I remember once as a young Christian, praying for direction about moving or taking a particular job that was being offered to me. I remember praying to the Lord and asking for specific direction yet the Lord didn't give it me. He said this to me: HOLD MY HAND AND AS YOU HOLD MY HAND I WILL LEAD YOU - FOR I AM THE WAY, THE TRUTH, AND THE LIFE.

We love to quote the verse that says "for we walk by faith and not by sight," yet we want God to give us all the answers now. The real truth is that HE DOESN'T GIVE US ALL THE ANSWERS WHEN WE ASK HIM FOR THEM because He is calling us to TRUST Him. If He gave you all the answers that you need, you would not need FAITH.

Last night I struggled until 11:30 at night asking God to give me a message for today. I asked I prayed I had Gerri pray for me, Amy and Jon came in the room and prayed for me, and the whole time, God was preparing my message by not answering my prayer specifically. Here is the message - it is THE TESTIMONY OF JESUS.

In other words, if I preach Christ, the gifts will come. If I testify of Jesus, I am aligning myself with the Holy Spirit who said that He would testify of Jesus and tell us things to come. That is what releases the Spirit in order that all the gifts would flow in the church.

This morning I believe that God wants to release a spirit of prophecy in the church. I struggled all night last night and this is the one thing that I believe that God was saying to me - that it was time to release the Spirit of p ...

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