by Jeff Strite

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Our Reason To Live (3 of 3)
Series: Essential Equipment
Jeff Strite
Philippians 3:7-3:14

QUESTION: Do you know what your purpose is? What is it that drives you, what motivates you? (give the audience time to write down what they think their purpose is).

OPEN: One of the most challenging courses at the University of Denver was a business law class in which the professor gave difficult true and false tests. During one of the more exasperating exams, the professor noticed another student flipping a coin. The professor approached him. "Son are you guessing on this test?" he asked.
"No sir," replied the student. "I'm just checking my answers."

APPLY: There are people who seem to live their whole lives that way. They have no direction, no purpose, no goals. They live their lives by flipping coin, drifting along aimlessly in life.

ILLUS: When I worked at a factory near my hometown, we had a term for that type of person: they were fat, dumb and happy.

Yogi Berra: "If you don't know where you're going, you're likely to end up someplace else."

ILLUS: In preparation for a similar sermon, a large church went out onto the street and asked that question: "What is your purpose is life?" Here were some of the responses:
> One person answered: "I can't say I know the purpose… I think after I die I'll find out what the purpose of life is."
> Another: "My purpose? I think my purpose is… I don't know."
> Some did have a an idea of their purpose in life and their answers indicated their purpose in life centered around themselves:
• to have fun
• be happy
• to have a good time and enjoy my life
• to have as much fun as possible in as short a time as possible

Now, there's nothing wrong with enjoying life. But if that's your WHOLE purpose in life, there's an emptiness to it. It's like Cotton Candy - all taste, but no substance.

> Others had pretty good answers, ones even Christians might give:
* to live a moral life
* to raise a good family
* to rais ...

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