by Dennis Marquardt

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Forget The Fakes (2 of 6)
Series: Forgetting
Dennis Marquardt
Jeremiah 23:25-40

INTRO: Have you ever bought an imitation item, a fake? Fakes try and look like the real thing, every attempt is made to have these imitations appear like the real item, except in price of course. The imitations are cheaper, and time usually reveals the evidence of that cheaper quality.

Fakes always come with a low price-tag, that's what makes them appealing to people who don't want to make a heavy commitment or pay a high price but want other people to think they did!

The message of the fake is just not the same as the message of the real ... if you were to give your fiancée a large diamond ring and she later discovered that it was really a zirconium (fake diamond that looks pretty real!) the chances are that your beloved would not feel the same way about you as she did when she thought it was a real diamond!

No imitation is ever as good as the real McCoy! This is true in the spiritual realm as well. Today we are living at a time when there is a renewed interest in spiritual things, hence the big interest in spiritual and religious stuff, and embracing other mystical movements. What these people are getting is nothing better than a cheap imitation of real spiritual dynamics however.

Anything but the blood of Jesus Christ is just a cheap imitation! For a while it might make you feel good, look good, and fool others; but when it is faced with time and eternity it will show its cheap quality!

PROP.SENT: The Bible teaches us to stay clear of fakes, to forget them and their promises of easy spiritual living. The real jewel is the Gospel presented by Jesus and the Bible, everything else is man made cheap imitations - "nothing but the blood, nothing but the blood of Jesus!"


A. Popularity Jer. 23:25-27
1. There is a new hunger in the land for spiritual things and there are plenty of "fakes" around to explo ...

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