by Dennis Marquardt

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Forget Self! (3 of 6)
Series: Forgetting
Dennis Marquardt
Hebrews 13:9-16; Romans 12:1-2

INTRO: We live at a time when SELF has become the modern god! Never before have we had such an era of so much self-indulgence. "Self-help" books are big sellers, often on the top 10 best seller's list. All kinds of exercise programs and gyms have sprung up for those who want to rebuild their bodies. The great load of counseling today demonstrates also the great movement toward understanding "self." The lack of concern for one another in our society shows how much we have turned inward toward self. The fanaticism about self shows up in our broken marriage statistics, the demands in this country by various groups to have equal rights no matter their lifestyle, the pampering of culture toward making individual experience the ultimate experience. We are living in the age when "everyone does that which is right in their own eyes!" This has happened before in the history of the world! It shows in the way people avoid commitments so they can be "free."

It is ironic that in a world obsessed with "self-fulfillment" people are so empty! True self-fulfillment comes when we FORGET SELF, not when we indulge self!

PROP. SENT: It is the nature of all life forms to put self first, but the Bible teaches that when we receive our new nature in Christ we are to put self last! We are called to forget self ... in order to truly find it!

I. THE SACRIFICE Heb. 13:9-14

A. Rituals Heb. 13:9-12
1. The Pharisees and others took great pains to follow rituals to create the sensation of salvation although their personal lives were filled with selfish indulgences!
a. While these Pharisees wore special robes, underneath those robes were the same wicked sinners they condemned in their many speeches!
b. They wore phylacteries (boxes with Scripture verses folded inside them) on their foreheads and arms, yet they didn't practice those verses in their private lives!
c. They we ...

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