by Dennis Marquardt

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Forget the Fads! (4 of 6)
Series: Forgetting
Dennis Marquardt
Hosea 13:1-6

INTRO: Remember the hoola-hoop? How about bell-bottoms? Those who lived at the time they came out just knew that the world had finally arrived at ''cool.'' Fads have always come and gone, and with each fad there is the perception that this is the really cool thing that the world has been waiting for; yet, each one comes and each one goes! Fads are created to give zest to life, and then we get bored again and look for something new and different to give zest again to our life; hence a new fad!

History is replete with examples of fad doctrines and teachings too, each new doctrine flourishes for a time and then fades away to be replaced by another new one. Fads in styles of worship come and go, they may help at times revitalize us but then we tire of these ''new'' styles and have to have something else ''brand new'' to make us feel great again.

We must be careful not to be drawn away when fads hit, we must keep our basic foundation of faith in focus. These fads can draw us away from the core of Christianity if we are not careful. Hosea watched this happen to Israel during his ministry. Israel failed to be satisfied with God and the basic foundational stuff so they sought out shiny Gods of silver and turned to thrilling and sensual expressions of worship; the result was a people who quickly forgot God. They would have been better off forgetting the fads!

PROP. SENT: The Bible warns us against getting caught up with the more spectacular attempts to find or worship God; the basics are still the foundation of faith and must not be ignored or replaced!


A. Bigshots! Hosea 13:1

1. Ephraim was the big-shot tribe; they tended to produce the leaders like Joshua, Jeroboam I, and Samuel the prophet.

2. They were accustomed to excitement, to thrilling others and experiencing thrills as they tackled the tough roles of leadership in Israel.

a. ...

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