by Dennis Marquardt

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Forget Insignificance! (5 of 6)
Series: Forgetting
Dennis Marquardt
Luke 12:4-7; Romans 8:35-39

INTRO: For most people life is filled with insignificant stuff! Much of our time and energy is spent dealing with day to day stuff that really doesn't have earth shattering significance. If we are not careful we will easily find our lives cluttered by all this insignificance and we'll discover that the truly significant things of God get easily crowded out!

It often takes powerful demonstrations of what is truly significant to draw us back to balance in our lives!

In our world of so many superfluous things it is easy to get hung up on insignificant stuff and miss the really important things!

PROP. SENT: The Bible teaches us to guard our spirit against the torrent of insignificant things that can really sidetrack our relationship with God and prevent us from growing in significant ways, one of Satan's most effective tools in a rich society is to fill us with so much insignificance that we are too busy for the really important stuff that is eternal!


A. Limited Powers! Lk. 12:4
1. The question of persecution was being addressed by Jesus with His disciples. A huge crowd (an unruly one at that too! see Lk. 12:1) had gathered to hear Jesus.
a. Jesus turns His attention first to His disciples!
b. He wants them to know what is really significant!
c. These are words meant to be encouragement and direction for the rest of their lives and ministry, to know what to focus on as life goes on!
2. Jesus instructs them here as FRIENDS, one of the few times Jesus used this term with them; this was not just a TEACHER - STUDENT moment, it was the advice of a dear friend who cares about the struggles in life He knew they would face!
3. Jesus recognizes the common reality of everyone, to have fear against the backdrop of life's struggles!
a. Even the best of Christians can and will experience fear!
b. Because life is full of ...

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