by Stuart Briscoe

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NOTE: This sermon is part 1 and 2 of a 6 part sermon series. Two sermons outlines are included in this download.


Part 1: Get to Know Yourself
Series: Six Ways To Get A Life
Stuart Briscoe
John 10:10

Jesus said that He had come to give people "life to the full." Who would not be interested in that? But what does this kind of life look like and how do you get it? We'll search for answers and start by getting to know ourselves.

I. The Human Design-"We Are the Sheep of His Pasture." Psalm 100:1 5

A. We are designed to "Know that the Lord is God."
B. We are designed to recognize "It is He who made us."
C. We are designed to acknowledge it is "Not we ourselves."
D. We are designed to discover that "His love endures forever."
E. We are designed to "Serve the Lord with gladness."
F. BUT-"We are sheep."

II. The Human Disaster-"We All, Like Sheep, Have Gone Astray…" Isaiah 53:6

A The sheep's urge to stray.
1. The appeal of "own way" wandering-self-determination.

2. The attraction of shepherdless foraging-the thrill of freedom.

B. The sheep's experience of life.


Part 2: Recognize the Enemy
Series: Six Ways To Get A Life
Stuart Briscoe
John 10:1-10

Jesus described Himself as the good shepherd who came to give us, the sheep, life to the full. But He warned that we have an enemy intent on robbing us of God's best who must be recognized and countered if we are to get a life.

I. The Enemy's Identity.

A.The accuser-"Your enemy, the devil…" 1 Peter 5:8
1. Like a lion on the loose.

2. Looking for people to devour.

B. The adversary-"Out of my sight, Satan." Mark 8:33
1. Opposed to divine rule.

2. Resisting God's purposes.

C. The father of lies. John 8:42 46
1. The enemy of truth.

2. The author of confusion.

D. The prince of this world. John 12:31, 14:30; 2 Corinthians 4:4
1. He wields power in secular structures.

2. He operates in spiritual regions.

E. The evil one. John 17:15
1. Opposed to all that is intrinsically good.
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