by Stuart Briscoe

God And Evil
Stuart Briscoe
Romans 12:9-21

That evil exists all agree, but its presence raises all manner of questions which deserve careful consideration. What does the Bible say on the subject?

I. The World in Which We Live.

A. How did it get to be the way it is-a mix of good and evil?

B. Possible answers to the question.
1. It is eternal. It has always existed. Matter is all that matters.
a. Present day complex forms came from less complex etc.

b. If so where did form and personality originate?

2. It was created by an evil personality.
a. Addresses issues of personality and evil.

b. But how did good emerge from evil?

3. There is an eternal dualism-a good force, an evil force.
a. Addresses problem of coexistence of good and evil.

b. But how are good and evil defined without evaluator?

c. Evil to act needs will and intelligence, which are good.

4. It was created by a good personality.
a. Addresses issues of good and personality.

b. But how do we account for evil?

II. The God in Whom We Believe.

A. God is good, all-powerful and exists with evil.
1. Addresses God's self revelation, but ...

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