by Stuart Briscoe

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NOTE: This sermon is part 1 and 2 of a 5 part sermon series. Two sermons outlines are included in this download.


Part 1: Membership
Series: The Church's Vital Signs
Stuart Briscoe
Acts 2:36-47

The church is called the Body of Christ and like all bodies it has vital signs, by which its health can be measured. Healthy bodies are made up of healthy members. So, let's talk about membership.

I. What's So Special About the Church?

A. It is the fullness of Christ. Ephesians 1:22-23
1. Special to Him. Matthew 16:17-18

2. Coordination under His direction.

B. It displays the wisdom of God. Ephesians 3:10-11
1. His wisdom is "manifold."

2. His wisdom is of interest.

C. It is the vehicle of His working. Ephesians 3:20-21
1. His power is available.

2. His glory is to be seen.
Note: Church > Kirk > Kirche > Kyriake > Kyrios

II. What's So Important About Membership?


Part 2: Fellowship
Series: The Church's Vital Signs
Stuart Briscoe
Acts 2:42-47; 1 John 1:1-10

The group of new believers in Jerusalem learned that initial commitment to Christ led to ongoing commitment to the fellowship of believers-the church. They devoted themselves to a variety of things including-"the fellowship."

I. What Do We Mean by Fellowship?

Note: Fellowship = "Koinonia" = sharing, holding in common.
A. A common relationship with God.
1. Father. 1 John 1:3-6

2. Son. 1 Corinthians 1:9

3. Spirit. Philippians 2:1

B. A common sharing with each other.
1. Seen in interpersonal relationships. 1 John 1:7

2. Seen in corporate worship experiences. 1 Corinthians 10:14-17

3. Seen in cooperative ministries and endeavors. Philippians 1:5;
Hebrews 13:16

4. Seen in shared resources and lives. Acts 2:44; 2 Corinthians 8:1, 4

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