by Jeff Strite

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Really Sick And Really Tired (1 of 4)
Series: Desperate Women
Jeff Strite
Luke 8:40-48

OPEN: The Bible tells us many stories about people who suffered. The most famous is the story of Job and pain and heartache he endured for a period of his life. In addition to the sufferings of Job there are the hardships men like Joseph and Jeremiah and others experienced.

And down thru the ages some of the greatest leaders and artists overcame terrible tragedies:
• Florence Nightingale reorganized England's hospitals while too ill to move from her bed.
• Great books like Pilgrim's Progress and Robinson Crusoe were written while their authors were in prison.
• Renoir painted some of his most moving artwork while nearly crippled by arthritis.
• Beethoven was deaf and depressed when he wrote some of his greatest works.
• Milton was blind when he dictated his great book "Paradise Lost".
In fact Milton once observed:
"Who best can suffer, best can do".

Some of the greatest people of the ages have attained their greatness thru suffering.

In our text today we read about a woman who suffered greatly. And it's hard to imagine what she endured until you understand what she faced in her day.
The Bible tells us that for 12 years this woman had suffered from "an issue of blood".

You women will have some understanding of what this lady endured. Women of child-bearing age go thru a menstrual cycle during which the womb builds up a lining filled with blood to nourish a any child that might be conceived. And if the woman does not conceive her body passes the blood from the body. In Scripture, this is called "an issue of blood".

It's a difficult time for a woman.
It's uncomfortable.
It can be embarrassing.
It can often cause a woman to become extremely tired, because in the loss of blood from the body, she also experiences the loss of iron from the body.
And, of course, as many men can tell you, women at this time of the month can be (pause) very moody.

Yes ...

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