by Stuart Briscoe

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NOTE: This sermon is part 1 and 2 of a 6 part sermon series. Two sermons outlines are included in this download.


Part 1: Accepting the Challenge
Series: The Growing Church
Stuart Briscoe
Isaiah 54:2-3

The Lord showed the prophet Isaiah that He planned to do big things for His people, but they must be prepared. Using the illustration of a nomad extending his tent to accommodate a larger family-an analogy with which they were all familiar-Isaiah challenged the people to extend their vision and expand their facilities in order to accommodate what God planned to do. Growing churches find themselves in similar situations today.

I. Setting the Stage.

A. The divine initiative.
1. God and Abraham. Genesis 12:1 3

2. God and Jacob. Genesis 28:13 14

B. The divine involvement.
1. Identifying the problems.
a. The problem of nominalism. Isaiah 29:13 16

b. The problem of secularism. Isaiah 30:1 5

c. The problem of selfism. Isaiah 30:8 11

2. Repeating the premises.
a. Repentance and rest. Isaiah 30:15


Part 2: Extending the Invitation
Series: The Growing Church
Stuart Briscoe
Isaiah 55:1-13

Isaiah predicted to the exiles "The Lord will call you back" (54:6) but not everyone would want to return. Some of them had settled down to Exile. Only those who were prepared to listen to what the Lord had to say and who were thirsty for what He had to offer would experience all that He had in mind for them. But the invitation was extended nevertheless. Things haven't changed.

I. Extending the Invitation.

A. Getting the attention. "Hoy." v. 1

B. Addressing the problem.
1. Deprivation of the spirit. "Thirst" v. 1
a. Recognition of lack.

b. "Ardent desire" for answers. (Calvin.)

2. Inadequacy of resources. "No money."

3. Futility of effort. v. 2
a. Money down the drain.

b. Work that doesn't satisfy.

C. Making the offer.
1. An offer of grace…"without money and without cost."
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