by Jeff Lynn

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Stop! In the Name of Love (3 of 8)
Series: Righteousness Redefined
Jeff Lynn
Matthew 5:27-30

This week we were reminded once again about the pain and repercussions of marital infidelity.
Most of you probably heard that Bobby Petrino was fired as the head football coach at the University of Arkansas due to not only his extra-marital relationship with a girl half his age, but failing to disclose the details concerning it and his motorcycle accident with her that led to the uncovering of a lot more involvement.

Here was a coach who finished 5th in the national polls this last year; his only losses being away games at LSU and Alabama, both of whom played for the national championship.
Actually, only Alabama showed up for that game…..

Here is a man taking a motorcycle ride with his mistress, never thinking that he would have an accident that would expose everything about this relationship and cost him his job, as well as be devastating to his family, friends, football team, fans, and the university.

This motorcycle ride and subsequent accident wasn't the first episode in this relationship; it started way before this.
Now, we can become judgmental and point a finger and make a claim that we have never, or WILL never, be guilty of committing adultery.

But this morning we are going to look at a passage where Jesus addresses adultery of the heart.

TEXT: Matthew 5:27-30

We are resuming the series that we started a couple weeks ago before Disciple Now Weekend.
Let me bring us up to speed in case you missed the first couple of message to this series, or if you are a first-timer.

Prior to Jesus giving this "sermon" or teaching about the kingdom of heaven, He has disturbed some of the religious element in His day by practicing some things that were considered "off limits".

He wasn't violating the Law as God gave it; He was violating some of the stipulations that the scribes added to the Law and that the Pharisees practiced.

He ...

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