GET REAL! (8 OF 8)

by Jeff Lynn

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Get Real! (8 of 8)
Series: Righteousness Redefined
Jeff Lynn
Matthew 6:1-6, 16-18

This is the last message in the series, "Righteousness Redefined".

TEXT: Matthew 6:1-6, 16-18

Several years ago my family took a vacation to Southern California where we visited such places as Disneyland, the safari park in San Diego, and Universal Studios in Hollywood.

One of the "rides" at Universal Studios was what they call their "back lot" tour, where you ride a tram down to, basically, a little town.

The amazing thing is that they can change the buildings to suit whatever purpose they desire.
We saw the courthouse and the lawn in front of the courthouse where all the "Back to the Future" movies were shot.
We saw the lake where they filmed some of the "Jaws" movie.
That little lake was just below Norman Bates' house in the movie "Psycho".

We went through a neighborhood that had houses some of us old-timers would recognize, such as "Leave it to Beaver".

The amazing thing about those houses and the exteriors to that little town in that back lot was that they are only facades.

They spend so much time on the exteriors, getting them to look like houses, but they are nothing but shells.

Elaborate, well designed, and expensive exterior, but nothing on the inside.

When you're watching a television show or a series, the house that they show on the outside is not the house they use on the inside.
Typically, it's a "set" inside a warehouse.

You're fooled into thinking that what is on the outside is the very thing that is on the inside.

This is the same issue Jesus is addressing in this passage when it comes to our righteousness.

Jesus discusses the three primary disciplines or religious exercises that were practiced by almost every Jew: giving, praying, and fasting.

The first verse is an overview of this entire passage.

Beware of practicing your righteousness before others, "in order to be seen by them".

As we've seen ...

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