by Jerry Watts

God Wants To Know
Jerry Watts
Genesis 3:8-13 and 4:8-10

• There is a song sung by Mark Lowery which begins, "Momma always told me God knows everything." Most of us have been taught that God does know 'everything' and we call this the omniscience of God. I submit that there are a few things God does not know. He doesn't know a sin that He doesn't hate, He doesn't know a sinner He doesn't love, He doesn't know a tear He cannot dry, He doesn't know a heart He can't heal, and He doesn't know a person He can't save. Whatever is going on in your life becomes a labor of love for God. That said, He rarely 'butts in.' He only comes in where invited, kind of like the stable in Bethlehem.
• I also believe that although He knows the answers to all questions, today He is asking us questions which He wants to hear our answer to; not for His sake but for ours.
• We discover these questions in the beginnings of the Bible (Gen. 3 and 4). You recall the story of Creation and the fall of mankind.
• Isn't it interesting that before sin came into the world, God would come down from heaven to 'walk with man in the cool of the day?' Candidly, this is why God made mankind to begin. He wanted to have fellowship with us and enjoy us. Many times I have asked the question, "What would it have been like to live in the Garden of Eden?" It was a place with one RULE! How cool. Yet Adam and his wife couldn't keep this one rule (like us) and life was forever changed.
• Genesis 3 tells us the story. In the aftermath of their disobedience God came looking for His creation, His people. In my disobedience, one day God came looking for me. He found me in sin. He found me without any eternal hope. But He didn't leave me like He found me. It's safe to say that every person in this place can reflect over the past week and discover at least ONE THING which you have done that displeased God. Any way you slice it God calls it sin. Sin is missing the mark. It is to us today th ...

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