by Jerry Watts

A Few Good Godly Men
Jerry Watts
Ezekiel 22:30

The United States Marine Corp clearly states that they want "a few good men." Honestly only the best of the best make it through their training. We have heard a song written by beloved writer, Bill Gaither, stating that God needs a few good men and this was accented by highlighting a few of the men who, on 9/11, demonstrated tremendous courage in the face of possible death. This world needs good men.
I offer to penetrating questions today: Does God want good men or does God want GODLY men? Godly men are good, but good men are not necessarily godly. Is being 'good' alone, good enough?

Good Men:
Are well liked
Do the right thing
Has a good view of today
Are known for their actions
Meet Physical needs
Follows the Crowd

Godly Men:
Are well loved
Does things right
Has a good view of eternity
Are known for their heart
Meet Spiritual needs
Follows Christ

So the question truly is, "What is God looking for," good or Godly.
As these questions filled my heart and soul and as I sensed God leading me to this subject there were two Biblical stories which I was reminded of.
• My heart was first drawn to the story found in 2 Chronicles of Judah's King Asa. Scriptures record that when Asa came to the throne, He did "what was 'good and right' in the sight of the Lord and removed all the pagan altar and the high places. Furthermore, he shattered the pillars and sawed up the poles which were worshiped.
• He influenced His people of Judah to seek God for all things. When the 1m+ man army of Ethiopia made war against him, he sought God's help first and God gave him victory against incredible odds. This put fear in the other Kings and gave peace to Asa. Yet, this isn't the end of the story.
• Some 30+ years later when the King of Israel attacked Judah, Asa went to another King, and not God, for help. While they won the victory, Asa lost the blessing of God. You and I may tend to this is 'no ...

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