by Mark Baker

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Your Blessed Place (1 of 2)
Mark Baker
Romans 11:29; 1 Peter 4:10; Romans 12:4-6

Have you ever stopped to consider that God has ordained blessings for His children?
If you study the Word of God you will see that blessings are freely given from God to us
His children. You will also see that blessings are always conditional. In other words if you want them there are certain requirements to receiving them. The blessings of God are always conditional upon our obedience. You might say well then they aren't free if I have to do something. All blessings and good things come from God and in order for us to receive them we have to put ourselves in alignment with His will in order to get and keep those blessings that He wants us to have. I have seen so many Christians walk away from their God given place of blessing, that I have felt a deep sense of grief in my spirit. I know it must grieve the Lord as He's gone to such great lengths to get those blessings to us. It should not and does not have to be this way. There are things we can do to not only receive but walk in and keep those God ordained blessings.

I believe that the Lord has ordained us to walk in blessings, yet I don't see this as I should within the body of Christ. If we are to find the answers to hard questions, we must be honest with ourselves and open to correction if that is the case, and always open to the truth of God's Word. With this in mind lets look at some areas that can help us find our God given place of blessing and stay on the course God has prepared for us.

It has been my observation through the Word of God and through life experiences that certain things that we do will hinder our ability to walk in our God ordained blessed place. Most Christians wouldn't say that they are out to deliberately walk away from God's perfect will. However, how many of us can honestly say I am walking in the perfect will of God? Finding God's will and walking in it, is also walking in the place that bring ...

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