by Stan Coffey

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Wanted: Dead or Alive (12 of 20)
Series: The Riches of Romans
Dr. Stan Coffey
Romans 14:7-9

I. Demonstrations by the Living
II. Devotion from the Dead

The fourteenth chapter of the book of Romans, I want us to read verses 7 and 8. Romans Chapter 14. Will you take the New Testament or your Bible and turn please that you might follow the reading of God's word tonight.

You know this particular part of the book of Romans is the practical section. It is that section that deals with our daily life, with day to day living, with day to day challenges in our life.

Sunday as I preached from Romans Chapter 13 about it being time to wake up, about it being time to get up, about it being time to dress up,
we understood the urgency of the time in which we live and the fact that every moment is precious to us and counts for the Lord Jesus Christ.

Now the import and the teaching of chapter 14 has to do with your influence as a Christian. You know Jesus said, "Let your light so shine before men that they may see your good works and glorify your Father, which is in heaven."

This chapter deals with the things that you do and the way that the things that you do affect the lives of other people. Paul has a great deal to say here about whether you should eat or drink or eat certain meats or not eat certain meats and it all hinges on how it affects your witness for Jesus Christ.

I can sum up all he says in this chapter by saying, "Do not do anything that would cause a weaker brother to stumble. Do not do anything that would influence someone else to perhaps not become a Christian because they doubted that the things that you are doing are things which Christians should be involved in or should participate in."

And so he is talking about your influence knowing that in verse 7 and 8 Paul says, " FOR NONE OF US LIVETH TO HIMSELF, AND NO MAN DIETH TO HIMSELF." And here with one great swipe of his hand, Paul knocks down your flimsy excuse that what you do doesn ...

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