by Stan Coffey

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The Lordship of Jesus Christ (20 of 20)
Series: The Riches of Romans
Dr. Stan Coffey
Romans 14:8-9

I. Right of His Lordship
II. Realm of His Lordship
III. Rules of His Lordship

Tonight I want to speak to you from two passages of scripture. The first is found in Philippians 2 and then we are also going to read from Romans 14. So we want to read the passage from Philippians 2 first and then we will go to Romans Chapter 14.

I want to bring you greetings from Dr. Charles Stanley who said to tell you hello. I had the opportunity after hearing him at the Real Evangelism Conference in Atlanta to speak with him just briefly and he said that he would love to come and be a part of the opening of our new building and our new facility.

So we are looking forward to have Dr. Stanley with us this summer when we open our building and we are nailing those dates down so that these men that we want to have come and share in that time will be able to come.

God is blessing Dr. Stanley. I must say that he looks more rested than I have seen him in a long time. He looks much less fatigued than he did when he was serving as President of the Southern Baptist Convention. I know that he loves this church. He said, "I would love to come and be with your people again." He appreciates and loves you so much.

And then I want to say tonight how proud I am of all of these who received certificates in the witness training course. Praise God for you and for what you mean to our hearts, what you mean as an example as a soul winner for Jesus Christ.

I tell you I love these on fire, aggressive witnesses for Jesus. I don't whether I told you or not but I have a Baptist head, a Pentecostal heart, and Jehovah Witnesses feet. Amen? One thing you can to those folks, they go door to door to door telling people what they believe and trying to recruit people for their false faith.

I heard about a family they were visiting and visiting and visiting and they were just pestering th ...

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