by Steve Wagers

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Window Shopping is Still Considered Shopping (5 of 16)
Series: The Constitution of Christianity
Pastor Steve N. Wagers
Matthew 5: 27-32

1. Don't Lust!
A) The Law Defines It
B) The Lord Demands It
2. Don't Look!
A) Sensual Consideration
B) Sinful Contemplation
3. Don't Lose!
A) Resist the Opportunity
B) Remove the Obstacle

I think of a young preacher who had just got out of seminary, and was called to pastor a church in a college town. Almost all of the college professors, and staff were members of that church. He was preparing his very first sermon, and he got to thinking about the very cultured congregation that he would PREACH to the next morning, and to be honest, it intimidated him.

He called his dad, who was a very wise and godly pastor, and asked him, "Dad, I'm really having a hard time preparing my sermon." His dad asked, "What's the problem?" The boy replied, "Well, if I talked about geology, I'd be looking at a Ph.D. in geology. If I talk about sociology, I'd be looking at a Ph.D. in sociology. If I talk about philosophy, I'd be looking at a Ph.D. in philosophy. What do you think I ought to do?" His dad answered, "Son, why don't you just preach the Bible? They probably know very little about that!"

One day on a Judean hillside, the greatest preacher ever called delivered the greatest sermon ever preached. The preacher was Jesus, and the sermon was the Sermon on the Mount. While some in the congregation knew much about tradition, they knew very little about truth; particularly, the truth as Jesus spoke it.

If anyone was ever qualified to speak truth it was the One who is the Truth. What Jesus said cut against the grain of their glorified traditions, and 3 years later it resulted in Him being crucified.

I have developed a style, over the years, of using 3 main points in a sermon. The purpose of the points is to focus on the context of the passage. As Alexander McLaren said, "I use a 3-prong fork to serve th ...

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