by Steve Wagers

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God Has No Room for Showboats (9 of 16)
Series: The Constitution of Christianity
Pastor Steve N. Wagers
Matthew 6: 1-4

1. The Duty our Lord Expects!
A) Giving People
B) Gracious People
2. The Disgrace our Lord Exposes!
A) The Recognition they Loved
B) The Reward they Lost
3. The Delight our Lord Expresses!
A) Private Devotion
B) Public Promotion

A pastor was asked to speak for a certain charitable organization. After the meeting the program chairman handed the pastor a check. "Oh, I couldn't take this," the pastor said with some embarrassment. "I appreciate the honor of being asked to speak. You have better uses for this money. You apply it to one of those uses." The program chairman asked, "Well, do you mind if we put it into our Special Fund?" The pastor replied, "Of course not. What is the special fund for?" The chairman answered, "It's so we can get a better speaker next year."

The Sermon on the Mount exposes the state of the heart of the believer. In Matthew 5, the Beatitudes (vv. 3-12) provide us with a description of the ideal character of the true believer.

Then after two convicting metaphors (vv. 13-16) we are given six illustrations of the surpassing righteousness to which we are called (vv. 20-48), a righteousness that supersedes and fulfills that of the scribes and Pharisees-and indeed that of the Old Testament. This exposé of the heart brings us to an honest admission of what we really are, and it is not a pretty picture.

Matthew 6 introduces us to practical theology. It's often been referred to as "a sermon in shoe leather." We take the premise of Matthew 5 and live it out in practical ways in Matthew 6.

He addresses 4 specific areas in the life of the true Christ-follower.
GIVING (vv.1-4)
PRAYING (vv. 5-15)
FASTING (vv. 16-18)
SAVING (vv. 19-24)

Regarding this section, it's not the matter of giving Jesus is concerned with, but the motive for giving that He addresses. Jesus reminds us, throughout these ne ...

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